Tarang Rotavator is made using innovative state of the art technology to tackle the toughest chores. In a single shot, Tarang rotary tiller ploughs, pulverizes & levels the soil to make a perfect seed bed. This 3 in 1 mechanized process is used for land preparation, the job faster than other conventional methods and it helps the farmers to save their valuable time, tractor fuel, manpower & money. Rotary tillers are designed specially with interchangeable gear. This helps the farmer to do their work easily in a short time without changing the other parts of the rotavator.

Technical Specification

Sr. Description TRT-500 TRT-600 TRT-700
1 Tractor Power 35-45 45-50 50-60
2 Working Width 60″ 70″ 80″
3 Gear Box Multi Speed Multi Speed Multi Speed
4 PTO Speed 540/1000 540/1000 540/1000
5 Rotor Speed 162-230rpm 162-230rpm 162-230rpm
6 No. of Blade 36 42 48
7 Total wt (without PTO & Oil) 382 407 441
  • speed-gear-box
    Speed Gear Box
  • pto-shaft
    PTO Shaft
  • parking-stand
    Parking Stand
  • helical-blades
    Helical Blades
  • harrow-disc
    Harrow Disc
  • gear-box
    Gear Box